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When employees are encouraged to bring their whole self to work, there is more opportunity for connection to other team members, as well as creativity and collaboration. View Rev. Ruth’s article on Inside Business.

The month of November’s theme is Gratitude A Way of Life. View the Gratitude Strategies discussed during celebration service.

How well do you take care of yourself? Take the Extreme Self-Care Questionnaire.

Our new Newsletter is ready for you! Check out the articles Young People and Teens Living Spiritual Lives and Training to Improve Teams. We thank you for your review and sharing with others.

The Prayer Partner Experience teaches you what to do and how to be powerful while learning on how to let go of old ways and exploring new possibilities.

The Employment pamphlet suggests that wherever you work, whatever you do for a living, you are doing the work of God.

Learn from this pamphlet how to break old habits and change your life experience from this day forth by choosing to think differently and expressing life positively.

Forgiveness is about a change in behavior and surrender to the greater good. This pamphlet teaches all about the fundamentals of forgiveness.

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