Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living
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Licensed Practitioners

This is a list of remote practitioners providing support to Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual living:
Licensed practitioners are the praying arm of the Center. Having completed two years of advanced study, practitioners are professionally licensed to work with individuals to support them in connecting with and living from their highest selves. The Practitioners listed are available for prayer by phone or email or for private paid sessions by appointment.

  • Jacqueline Jackson, RScP:  267-994-0032 or jkjackson44@outlook.com
  • Maxine Claire, RScP:  maxiclair55@aol.com
  • Jenn Fay, RScP:  703-534-8718 or jenntlespirit@verizon.net
  • Peter Fitzner, RScP:  703-927-7335
  • Ardell McCoy, RScP:  310-403-6847
  • Mshinda Parvenu, RScP:  443-220-3023
  • Rev. Alex Esuedo:  RevAlex@DCnewThought.org
  • Rev. Ruth Littlejohn:  410-715-6751 or 757-271-1552

(available for support during life celebrations and challenges)

To request prayer online, visit our website at www.hamptonroadscsl.org