Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living
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Sacred Services Teams


Your Service is a Sacred Gift

We believe that service is not just the act of volunteering wherever there is a need for things to be done. Instead, lending your time and talents is a sacred and spiritual practice. In serving on one of our many small group ministries, you express Spirit through you, and raise the vibration of the community as a whole.

At Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living we have many ways to get involved. Our focus is small group ministry and we have Sacred Services Group which are always accepting more volunteers!

If something calls to you, let us know and we’ll get you involved.

One of the best ways to make friends and lifelong relationships in our community is to get involved. You will be glad you did!!!

Contact us to get involved in Sacred Service Small Groups or
email info@hamptonroadscsl.org


Leader Champion: Rev. Ruth

Set up/Host
Leader: Brenda King
Leader in Training: open

Leader: Parrish Crosby
Leader in Training: Lovey Bradley

Love Providers & Care
Leader: Jackie Jackson, RScP
Leader in Training: open

Leader: Betty Miller
Leader in Training: Rose Boltze

Leader: Open
Leader in Training: Erik Conyers

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