Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living
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Spiritual Practices Monthly Conference Call


October 2017 will conclude our Spiritual Practices Phone Call!!

Our monthly spiritual practice is an opportunity to use our spiritual muscle in a group. It takes practice because, for most of us, that which confronts our physical senses, moment by moment, may seem to be more real than the invisible presence of Spirit at the center of each person. Through daily practices, we begin to align ourselves with a greater truth of harmony and wholeness, and then our lives begin to reflect this truth. For a more mundane example….it’s like going to the gym, to tone and maintain a fit body, the first Wednesday of each month, we hold a master session to support your spiritual development.  It’s a  great way to jump start your day.

  We may attend spiritual services and take in every uplifting workshop around, and there is no question that all are informative and valuable. However, it is through our own personal practices that insights become apart of the way we think and act.

Spiritual practice is the time that is spent each day exclusively devoted to developing a greater awareness of God in your life. We are practicing the awareness that life is much bigger than any appearance in the world. We are practicing to identify more with the divine source and essence of our lives than with any human circumstance. With practice, we can consciously harness this greater spiritual truth and transcend appearances. Practice is the key to living a life grounded in spiritual truth.

Rev. Ruth has been leading this monthly Spiritual Practices group for two years!